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Fat people who love themselves scare the shit out of people who don’t love themselves. Even fat people who are TRYING to love themselves scare the shit out of people who can’t do the same. We force people to have to look at why they hate their bodies because we are “supposed” to hate ours and we don’t. And sometimes they have no idea what to do with that, so they act like assholes.
Tigress Osborn (via erinkyan)
From an early age, I was taught that physical endeavors were not for me; my body was a separate being from my brain, and not really part of my ‘self’. I was discouraged from taking part in things like dance and gymnastics by well-meaning adults who thought my size would make me stand out and be a target for ridicule by smaller people. In reality, this had the effect of instilling a sense of self-consciousness that was not there previously; I learned that I was not supposed to be visible, and that I shouldn’t draw attention to myself by engaging with my love of performing.
Burlesque was a specific turning point for me. I’d long had an interest in it, and in pin-up culture, and as I slowly started to see more diverse bodies being represented, I slowly started to feel a little more acceptance of myself. Taking burlesque classes has been one of the major things I have done for myself in terms of developing my self-esteem and acceptance of my body. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun.
Va Va Boombah co-producer Aimee Nichols, guest posting on Fat Heffalump.

Flyer for our show at the Thornbury Theatre, featuring our delectable plus-sized butt model Chubby Vagine. Presale tickets are available through Oztix. See you there!

Not going to lie, we’re really excited about this show. Our first show was such a blast, and this time around we’ve got a host of new Boombahs and a huge range of acts, from burlesque to cabaret to circus to opera. We’re looking forward to spreading the fat-positivity love even further.

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